Collax Proactive HA - Hardware status

Starke Business Continuity

The high availability of workloads in a Collax cluster is supplemented by the additional Proactive HA function. This function reduces unplanned downtime with predictive methods and thus increases business continuity in your company.

A number of sensors are running for this purpose, which continuously monitor the hardware. Proactive HA acts on incidents where a hardware failure becomes apparent. If such an imminent hardware failure is detected, the affected VMs are removed from the danger zone as a precaution. And this without interrupting the workloads.

If, for example, the first errors occur with a memory latch or if problems accumulate with a hard disk, the total failure of the component is no longer remote. Now the node is evacuated and all VMs are migrated live to the other node. The affected node is removed from the cluster and the administrator is notified by e-mail.

After the node has been repaired or replaced, the hardware check can be performed again and the node can return to cluster operation.

Further information:

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  • Gentle reaction to failures
  • Permanent monitoring of the hardware status
  • Detection of possible hardware failures
  • More safety against spontaneous failures
  • no configuration
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Proven fencing mechanism ensures data integrity at all times